Africa’s highest priority must be to continue on the path of economic growth and development, and Cohen and Woods International (CWI) is engaged in contributing to this endeavor.

CWI’s efforts are devoted primarily to providing advisory services on Africa. Upon retirement from the United States government in 1994, Herman (”Hank”) Cohen and James Woods resolved to stay actively involved in international and especially African affairs. Our consultancy business serves both private and official organizations, businesses and agencies, and governments seeking strategic advice and counsel on their political, security and economic relations. We are also available for mediation and conciliation assignments.

At the same time, our many African friends know that we also speak frankly to them about their interests and options as they work to enhance their opportunities for more fruitful external relations, and to increase the flow of private-sector investment resources. We are especially convinced that new opportunities for expanded relations with the United States are available to those governments that are ready to reach out in a constructive manner.

Our most valuable contributions have been in the sphere of strategic advice and counsel, but we also provide representational services as desired. We offer our services in the planning and implementation of particular projects, whether in the public or private sector, spanning the full range of stability, security, investment and development activities. We will be happy to consider “teaming” or other associational arrangements, acting as “prime” or “sub” contractor, when that meets the wishes or needs of our clients. In some cases, we will ourselves propose such arrangements, with the goal of bringing to our clients the best talent that we can identify to work with us to maximize the prospects for success.

We always look forward to working with our partners – public and private – in contributing to greater prosperity, security and growth of the people and nations of Africa.

Cohen and Woods International, Inc. is a member of the Corporate Council on Africa.

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Republic of Angola
Republic of Azerbaijan
Republic of Benin (President's Office)
Burkina Faso
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of Congo
Republic of Côte d’Ivoire 

Republic of Gabon

Republic of Liberia

Republic of Mozambique

Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Republic of Niger
Republic of Togo

Republic of Zambia
Armed Forces Peacekeeping Institute

Bureau of Intelligence and Research, U.S. Department of State
Century Aluminum Corporation
Conoco Oil
Contour Global Corporation
National Foreign Affairs Training Center
Reynolds Development Corporation